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Making travel easy...

Booking flights can be a bit of a headache...we get that. That’s why we’ve taken that annoying travel agent out the equation and introduced the super simple price comparison option.

Skyscanner really is as simple as throwing down your arrival and departure dates and then letting the internet do the hard work.


Can I book my trip first and flights later?

You sure can! In fact, that's generally what people do. There are usually lots of options when it comes to flights but once the trips are full... they’re full. Let’s get you booked onto the trip with one of our low deposits and then we can arrange that flight after… no rush!

When should I book my flights?

Sooner the better in our opinion. Long gone are the days where you could get a last minute flight for super cheap. Flights generally become available around 12 months before. Probably best if possible to get that flight booked early to tick another thing off that list! Also usually saves you money booking in advance.

What time do I have to arrive on Day 1?

The short answer is... whatever time you like! We’ll pick you up from the airport no matter what time you arrive but we do recommend you trying to arrive earlier rather than later. This means that you can get checked in, have a nap and freshen up before we head out for dinner and drinks with the rest of the group.

Can I arrive early?

Of course! We always suggest arriving earlier… no harm in an extra bit of recovery after that long flight. You can even explore a little before the trip kicks off. If you’d like us to arrange extra nights before the trip just choose that option during the booking process. Don’t worry we will still arrange an airport collection no matter how early you arrive! If you need some ideas on how to spend extra days, let us know via the DM’s or you can ask others on the facebook group!

Can I fly home on the last day of the trip?

On all of our trips you can fly home or travel to your next destination on the last day. The last day of the trip is what we also call ‘Check out day’. We’ll help you sort out any onward travel plans, give you ideas on where to go next with your new travel buddies or simply help you get to the airport for your flight.

When should I book my return flight?

It’s a good idea to book your return flight late afternoon or even later that evening on the final day. This will give you plenty of time to get back to the airport ready for that connecting flight. Departing earlier than this can cause issues and not advised.

Do you provide a return airport transfer?

Yes! When you’re at the final stages of booking your trip, you’ll have the option to select the ‘Return Airport Transfer’ option. Sometimes it’s as simple as just a taxi ride to the airport where as others it can be a ferry and a domestic flight to get you back to where we started.

I’m struggling to organise my flights, can you help?

We understand it can be stressful booking your flights… The last thing you want to do is book for the wrong dates or to the even worth the wrong airport. Which is why we are more than happy to help you with all the planning. Slide into the DM’s or Schedule a Call with one of the team, who can check over your flights before you hit confirm.

I’ve booked my flights.. now what?

Good job! You’re another step closer to that big adventure. If you haven't already, then head to the ‘Check In area’ and let us know your flight arrival details so we can arrange your airport pickup.