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Why Travel Vietnam?

Looking for the absolute best of Asia?…look no further! Vietnam really does have it all; from lantern filled cities & mind-blowing natural beauty to the delicious street food & fascinating history. Travelling in Vietnam delivers such an authentic local experience from North to South… find flavour in Hanoi, culture in Hue or dividing history in Ho Chi Minh. Mix all this with incredible nightlife and golden sandy beaches to see why Vietnam is becoming one of the #1 travel destinations in South East Asia.

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Group Travel Vietnam

Travelling Vietnam as a group is the perfect way to experience this incredible country. Share the adventure with like-minded travellers while enjoying the luxuries of solo travel. Uncover the very best of Vietnam with chilled vibes and relaxed trip itineraries. Group travel is perfect for those people that hate planning and just want hassle free adventures from start to finish.

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Hanoi to Hoi An - 10 Days Save £50

Hanoi to Hoi An - 10 Days

Start: Hanoi
Finish: Hoi An
£799 From £749
North to South - 15 Days Save £100

North to South - 15 Days

Start: Hanoi
Finish: Ho Chi Minh
£1199 From £1099
Best of Asia - 29 Days Save £300

Best of Asia - 29 Days

Thailand • Vietnam • Combo
Start: Bangkok
Finish: Ho Chi Minh
£2398 From £2098

What Our Travellers Say

Share The Adventure

There is no better way to experience travelling in Vietnam than on one of our amazing backpacking group tours, we have an adventure that suits every traveller. From sleeping overnight on a traditional ‘Junk Boat’ in Ha Long Bay to our local homestay in Ninh Bình…we’ve thought about everything to give you the best possible travelling experience in Vietnam!

Vietnam FAQ's

When is the best time to travel Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country more than 1,000 miles long and therefore the weather varies from North to South. You can travel Vietnam all year round, the best months being November to April due to its least amount of rainfall.

The North gets a little colder from December to February which some people do tend to prefer, whereas the South stays pretty hot all year round. There’s no wrong time to travel Vietnam.

We run Group Tours in Vietnam throughout the whole year!

Do I need a visa to travel Vietnam?

For many travellers Vietnam is a very easy country to visit with a simple ‘Visa on Arrival’ process for nationalities such as the UK and most of Europe.

The ‘Visa on Arrival’ allows you 15 days when entering Vietnam. If you need longer or if your country does not qualify for the ‘Visa on Arrival’ then you can apply for a one month visa either online or at your local Vietnamese consulate.

What kind of people come on your group tours?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling solo or with a friend, our trips are full of different people from all corners of the world.

You can be a student on a Gap Year, taking a short holiday from work or just deciding to go on a backpacking adventure to escape life...our Vietnam Group Tours are the perfect solution!

What are the benefits of travelling as a group?

Travelling Vietnam in a group Vs travelling solo is a very different experience. Travelling alone you often feel like you have more freedom but you will need to plan out your days to get the best of each. Travelling solo does give you the ability to have way more lazy days! Travelling Vietnam as a group will involve more structure in your day achieving way more than when travelling on your own.

Choosing the right travel company will allow you to not only do the tourist spots but also head off the beaten track a little more.

Another huge benefit of travelling as a group is that you will arrive and make an instant group of friends...we see our groups arriving as complete strangers and leaving as best friends! Travelling solo can sometimes be a little lonely if you are not confident enough to try and make new friends each day!

Why should I travel with Feel Free Travel?

Travelling Vietnam as a group with Feel Free Travel is more like travelling with friends and less like your average typical group tour company!

It’s very easy to get thrown on these big Vietnam group trips of 20+ people and just be a bum on a seat. We keep our group sizes small so that everyone gets to know each other and experience things at a pace that is enjoyable for all.

Plus all our trips are handcrafted by us through years of experience focusing on the perfect balance of Culture, Adventure and Nights out!

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