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How It Works

How It Works How It Works

We couldn’t make booking your trip any easier. It all starts with deposits from £1.

As easy as 1 2 3...


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Decide how to pay


We’ll do the rest

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Simple ways to pay

£1 Deposit & Payment Plan

£1 Deposit & Payment Plan

Split your payments into easy interest free installments*

Book Now...Pay Later

Book Now...Pay Later

Reserve your place with a £99 deposit and pay the rest later*

Pay in Full

Pay in Full

If you’d prefer to get it out the way then you can pay in full today.

*If you book your trip less than 60 days prior then full payment will be due. Payment plans are only available when there are consecutive months available to pay off your trip.


Ok… so i’m ready to book my trip… now what?

This is the easy can either jump through the link → HERE or you can slide into the DM’s and chat with one of the crew.

Are there any fees?

Absolutely not! All our payment options are free and no booking fee is charged… EVER!

When is the final payment due?

Full payment is due no later than 60 days before your trip. Don’t worry we will email you a reminder.

Can I make a payment outside of my plan?

Sure… just slide into our DM’s and let one of the crew know. We will send you a payment request allowing you to pay when it’s convenient for you.

What if I miss a payment?

No worries! Our payment plans are designed to give you ultimate flexibility. If you miss a payment, don't stress… we will just add it to your final balance 60 days before.

Can I just pay everything at once?

Sure. If you decide that paying it off early works out better for you. Either choose that option at booking or let us know via the DM’s and again one of the crew will make it happen… easy :)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept almost all major card providers using Visa/Mastercard.

Can I switch trips?

Worried you might miss out if we introduce an awesome new trip? No worries… just let us know via the DM’s and we will chat over your options. If your departure is outside of 60 days then no worries we can make it happen.