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What exactly is Group Travel?

Group travel is perfect for those people that hate the idea of planning and just want hassle free adventures from start to finish. You’ll be sharing the adventure with other travellers just like you and you’ll have an instant group of friends from the moment you arrive. Our groups will arrive as complete strangers on Day 1 and by the time they leave they’ll all be best friends.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling solo, coming with a friend or doing it as a couple. Our trips are full of different people from all corners of the world. Group travel will allow you to see and experience much much more than travelling alone, leave the planning to the experts 😉

Can I travel solo/come alone?

Absolutely! Our trips are built for solo travellers and believe us… sharing new experiences with a group of new friends is one of the best things you can do. A large majority of the people that travel with us are 1st time travellers doing it alone so don’t worry, you’ll never be alone with us.

Travelling solo is such an incredible way to see the world and joining a group tour is a perfect way to ease outside of your comfort zone.

What’s the average age of people on these trips?

On average we attract travellers between the ages of 22-32, but we also get younger travellers straight out of school as well as working professionals in their mid to late 30’s.

The minimum required age is 18 by law and we usually cap things at 39 but we have been know to take the odd solo traveller a little older than that if they’re feeling young at heart. If you are unsure the trip is for you or not, then drop us an email and let’s chat.

How big are the group sizes?

We keep our group sizes small with an average of 12-16 people per group so that everyone gets to know each other and experience things at a pace that is enjoyable for all.

It’s very easy to get thrown on these big tour groups of 20+ people where you just become a bum on a seat but that's not our style. We describe our trips as being ‘Less like a group tour and more like travelling with friends’.

I don’t know which trip to choose, can I get some help?

Our team gets super pumped about helping travellers just like you plan for that next adventure. Either slide into the DM’s or Schedule a Call with 1 of the crew.

What’s included in the price?

We include most of the big ticket items like accommodation, activities, local experiences, secret stops, local guides, a western group leader and a bunch of meals. We also include an airport pickup on arrival!

What’s not included?

You’ll just need to sort your international flights, travel insurance, visas and spending money 🙌🏼

Do we stay in hostels or hotels?

The accommodation on our trips is something we do better than anyone else and our trips definitely wouldn’t be the same without the awesome places we stay. We’ve handpicked these places to give you the perfect balance of comfort, security and convenience. We really do love where we stay and so do all our happy travellers 😍.

For all solo travellers we will pair you up with other travellers of the same sex… girls with girls & guys with guys. If you are travelling with a friend let us know and we can pair you together… same if you are travelling as a couple, we will arrange a double room where possible!

🥢 In Asia we stay in hotels, guest houses, homestays and unique locations like the floating bungalows in the Khao Sok National Park. Private room upgrades are available at an extra cost.

🐨 In Australia we have mixed-dorm hostel accommodation with the option to upgrade to a private room at an extra cost.

The prices are in £, can I come if I’m not from the UK?

You sure can! We are a UK company hence why prices are all in GBP/£. This doesn’t mean we only allow British people on our tours, in fact we actually get many different nationalities joining us on tour!

Can I travel with my partner or friend?

Sure… why not!? The majority of the people that come on our trips come solo but we do get couples and friends coming together.

Friends that come together will be paired up in twin rooms and couples will be given a double room to themselves where possible (in Australia it will be dorm share accommodation with the option of a private upgrade).

Travelling with a friend or partner is such a special experience and has left us with such magical memories over the years with birthday surprises, engagements and even honeymoons.

Is it a party tour?

We like to think our trips are the perfect balance of culture, adventure, chill time and party nights out. We definitely don’t class ourselves as a party tour but we are a social bunch that enjoy having the odd night out with our new travel buddies.

Rest assured we understand that partying/drinking isn’t for everyone and if you’d rather go exploring night markets or would rather have a quiet night… no worries… we get it! After all, it’s your trip, if you’d prefer a chilled one, that's ok with us 😃

Do I need travel insurance?

It’s super important that you get yourself covered for your trip with us. It’s not expensive and certainly does give you and your loved ones peace of mind. We actually require all customers to show proof of cover at the beginning of the tour. We’ll need to see your name, area of cover and dates that the insurance is valid.

Are flights included?

International flights to and from our destinations are not included in the tour price. Once you’ve booked your trip you’ll need to get your flights booked ASAP. During the booking process we do offer return airport transfers as an add-on. You can create a booking here to see how it all works!

How much spending money do I need?

You don’t need much at all considering almost all of the big ticket items are included! We suggest no less than £300 to be safe… some people spend less and some more, it really depends on your spending habits. If you love shopping or are prone to a few more big nights than the average person you could spend more. You can spend far less if you are tight with your budget but this kind of average works well for most.

What's the best way to manage my money?

We always recommend when travelling to a new country that you have some form of local currency with you. Having some money exchanged already will give you something to spend at the airport when you land.

We would recommend getting a Wise card as they have great exchange rates and it stops you from getting stung by your bank for withdrawing overseas. Wise cards don’t just make things easier but they make it safer as you can use your main bank account as a backup.

Can I combine the trips together?

It’s very common for our travellers not to just come and do 1 trip but combine them together. After all, the flight tickets are not cheap! Most of our trips are programmed in a way that you can finish 1 trip and start the other on the same day. If you need help with the planning just let us know!

This all seems too good to be true, how do I know it’s legit?

This is a question we recently added to our FAQ’s as we hear it time and time again so we wanted to give you all a few ways to verify who we are;

How do I book?

Booking your trip couldn’t be easier, find a trip that takes your fancy, pick a date, reserve your spot with a deposit and get that flight booked…

We always recommend reserving your spot before booking your flight. When our trips are full… unfortunately they are FULL 😬 Check out our ‘How it Works’ page for more information.

Can I book my trip now and flights later?

You sure can! In fact, that's generally what most people do. There are usually lots of options when it comes to flights but once the trips are full... they’re full. Let’s get you booked onto the trip with one of our low deposits and then book the flights soon after!

What are the payment options?

There are 3 easy ways to pay off your trip;

✅ Option 1: Leave a £99 deposit and pay the rest no later than 60 days before (We’ll remind you as this date approaches so no worries).

✅ Option 2: Leave a £1 deposit and jump on our monthly payment plans (We’ll split the total balance so you can pay an equal amount at the start of each month).

✅ Option 3: Pay the full balance at the time of booking (this option comes with zero worries and let’s just let that countdown begin… yewww 🤙🏼).

Can I make a spontaneous payment to clear my balance?

If you opt for the £99 option and would like to pay a chunk off your balance… no worries! Just reply to your confirmation email with the amount and the bookings team will send a payment link via email right away.

What if I miss a payment?

No worries! Our payment plans are designed to give you ultimate flexibility. If you miss a payment, don't stress… we will just add it to your final balance which is due no later than 60 days before your tour.

How far in advance shall I book?

We recommend booking your spot sooner rather than later as our trips do tend to fill up fast. We typically list our tour dates 18 months in advance and it’s not uncommon for dates to go full 6 months ahead of time. Don’t miss the boat 🙈

Can I upgrade to a private room for myself?

If you’re a solo traveller and would prefer your own room for the extra bit of privacy or because you know you’re a bit of a snorer then we can arrange that for you. You can upgrade your trip by selecting ‘Private Double’ during the booking process. You can also do that here!

How do I book with a friend?

It’s completely up to you, either book and pay together or do it separately. Booking together means all payments need to be together whereas doing it separately makes it a little more individual. It’s not uncommon for people to travel together, just go for the share option and make a note at the final stages that you’ll be travelling together (if you decide to book separately) and we’ll make sure you’re paired up in a room.

OK, I’ve reserved my what?

Good job, you’re another step closer to that big adventure! If you haven't already, now it's time to book those flights, we’ve put some tips together here on booking flights here. You’ll receive an ‘Arrival Guide’ from us 5-6 weeks before your trip with some important information to help with your trip preparation. But until then… set the countdown timer and follow along on our Instagram for some more travel inspo!

When should the trip be paid off?

Your balance needs to be completely paid off no later than 60 days before your tour date. Don’t worry, our system will generate reminders via email so you won’t forget! If you're booking a date within the next few months you’ll only have the option to ‘Pay in Full’ 🙌🏼

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept almost all major card providers including Visa, Mastercard and AMEX

Can I pay in my own currency?

Our prices are advertised in £/GBP but you can pay using any overseas credit or debit card. Our system will charge in £/GBP and you’ll be charged by your bank with their own exchange rate. We don’t charge any fees for overseas bookings, in fact we actually consume the fees from our merchant provider that come with bookings from outside of the UK/Europe. If you’re having any issues then get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Is my spot guaranteed when I pay a deposit?

It sure is! Once you’ve reserved your spot your booking with us is secured. The only way you’ll lose your spot is by missing the payment reminders at the 60 day cut off or not making subsequent payments after leaving a £1 deposit (You will need to pay at least 1 of the first 2 instalments of the payment plan to avoid losing your spot on the trip). Let us know via the DM’s if you have any issues.

What happens if something comes up and I need to change the date?

We understand that sometimes life plays silly games and can sometimes get in the way. That’s why we offer free and flexible date changes. If you let us know at least 60 days before your trip we’ll guarantee we can change your date for free. Plus if you don’t have a date in mind right away we can set your booking to open-dated as all our deposits are good for life!

If something comes up within 60 days, just reply to your confirmation email with your situation and 1 of the bookings team will get in touch and see what we can do… no promises 🙏🏻

How do the deposits work that are good for ‘life’?

Any deposit that you pay for any of our trips will last a lifetime. Even if you don’t go ahead with the trip for whatever reason and you have to cancel, the deposit paid will stay on our system for life until you’re old and wrinkly and ready to join us on an adventure. Ok… maybe don’t wait that long 😉

When you’re ready to travel you can just reply to your original confirmation email and the team will allocate your deposit to the tour and date of your choice (any price changes will need to be applied at the time of re-booking).

I want to book but I am nervous - do you have any advice?

I guess you need to ask yourself… What is it that’s stopping me? If you’re looking for a new adventure and want to share it with likeminded people then you’re in the right place. We as a company specialise in making solo travel easy for young travellers. Why not ‘Schedule a Call’ with one of the team and we can chat through some of your concerns before you make that big decision 👍🏼

Do I need a visa?

Before you arrive it's super important to have the appropriate visas for the countries in which you are travelling. On each of our destination pages you can find information specific to the country, also we’ve put together an ‘Unofficial’ Visa Guide for Asia & Australia. It’s important to note that it’s your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visa when you travel, we will try our best to help but we are not visa/immigration experts.

What vaccinations do I need?

There are no specific vaccinations that you need for any of the destinations we travel but there are vaccinations that your doctor may recommend having as a precaution. That's why we advise just paying a visit to your local GP if you’re unsure. They will know what jabs you’ve previously had and which you need to update. All destinations and areas we travel are low risk but best to be on the safe side. Click here for a useful resource provided by the UK government.

Can I arrive early?

Of course! In fact we actually suggest arriving a day or 2 early if you have the time to allow extra time to recover from that long flight. It’s not essential but why not extend that trip by a few days if you can!?

Can you arrange pre-night accommodation?

You can add extra nights accommodation at the time of booking or by replying to your confirmation email and 1 of the crew will get it added to your booking right away. If you book pre-tour accommodation with us we’ll be able to pick you up from the airport also 🙌🏼

Will there be a Whatsapp group?

There sure will! Some people like it to be a surprise and meet their new travel family when they arrive...others want to get chatting straight away. We’ve got our own private Facebook group, Feel Free Family, for you to meet other travellers. Add yourself into the group and make a post asking who else has booked or thinking about booking the same date as you. We’ll also be setting up a private Whatsapp group 2 weeks before the tour and we’ll invite you in via a link in the ‘Welcome Email’.

Will I receive a packing list?

You sure will, 6-8 weeks before the trip we’ll be sending an ‘Arrival Guide’ with a bunch of information to help you prepare for the trip. This will include safety and cultural tips plus a packing list.

Should I bring a suitcase or backpack?

Most people do prefer travelling with a backpack and it’s generally easier when moving around but it’s not uncommon for some travellers to bring a suitcase. We suggest bringing something you are comfortable with carrying and lugging around.

Is there a limit to my luggage weight?

We suggest not going crazy with the packing and keeping it simple. Try and bring loose/floaty clothing that isn’t too thick or heavy. No need to bring heels or walking boots. We limit the luggage to 20kg per person. Best to leave the kitchen sink behind 🤣

Are there laundry services on tour?

Throughout the trip there will be a few opportunities to do laundry but we always suggest bringing enough underwear and essentials for the full trip. Your Group Leader will let you know the best time to do laundry but this usually doesn’t happen until 4 or 5 days into the tour.

Do I need to bring a towel?

At all the hotels we stay there will be towels provided to be used for showering and freshening up. We suggest buying a microfibre towel as they are small and dry fast for using on the beach and swimming.

Is travel insurance included?

No, you are responsible for getting your own travel insurance. Check out our ‘Travel Insurance’ page where we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get a’s not going to cost you much if you buy it before you travel.

What is the address of our first accommodation?

You may be asked for the address of the hotel you’ll be staying at your final destination when applying for visas or completing any immigration documentation. You’ll have this provided to you in the ‘Arrival Guide’ email that we send 5-6 weeks before your trip.

Where can I get a SIM for my phone?

The best place to get a local SIM is when you arrive at the airport. There is usually a heap of options when you land before or after customs. They will take your phone, put the new SIM in and get it activated with the plan of your choice (It’s normally quite cheap and will give you plenty of data and often local calls too). Be sure to check with your phone provider back home whether your phone is unlocked before you leave home.

When do I meet my Group Leader?

Our awesome Group Leader will be your best friends/big brother or sister throughout the tour answering all of your weird and wonderful questions. YES… they literally do have the best job in the world and their passion for sharing awesome experiences with you all is very apparent. They’ll usually introduce themselves in the Feel Free Family Group and again via the Whatsapp Group 2 weeks before your trip. You’ll get to meet them face to face at the accommodation once your checked in and settled.

When should I arrive on Day 1?

We suggest aiming to arrive as early as possible on the 1st day, this isn’t essential but we’ll head out for dinner and drinks late afternoon/early evening. If you get in during the morning/early afternoon you’ll have time to relax, have a shower and go for a wander. Don’t stress if you can’t find a flight that works, the main activities start on the morning of day 2.

Can I arrive a day or 2 early?

You sure can! We actually recommend it to those people doing longer journeys as you’ll no doubt be tired and appreciate that time to recharge before we get stuck into it.

Will I get an airport pickup?

Anyone staying at our accommodation that arrives on Day 1 or decides to book extra nights with us will be picked up by our trusted drivers at the airport. They’ll be stood waiting at the airport with a Feel Free Travel sign so you’ll have no issues finding them 👍🏼

How do I know where to meet at the airport?

We’ll send everyone up to date arrival instructions 2 weeks before the trip with exactly where to meet the driver. Once you get picked up we’ll get you back to the hotel and checked in. If your flight is running late don’t worry, we’ll be tracking it on Google and will wait for you to arrive.

What’s the plan on Day 1?

We will pick you up from the airport and get you all settled in. If you arrive earlier in the day then we’ll give you some ideas of things to do so that you can explore the local area with others that have already arrived. In the evening it’s time to meet your new travel family and we’ll take you out to one of our favourite spots for dinner and drinks.

What transport do we use?

Every country is different and the modes of transport we use can vary quite throughout each trip. Where possible we always use private transport but from time to time we may join others on public transport where needed.

Taxis, coaches, overnight trains/buses, ferries, domestic flights or even Tuk Tuk’s.. .we can assure you we plan our trips to make travelling around as comfortable as we can.

Is there WIFI?

Almost all of our accommodations on all of our trips have wifi so you can contact your friends and family back at home whilst you’re travelling. There are certain places we visit that don't but we will always give you notice in advance so that you can prepare and let your loved ones know at home you may be unreachable.

How much freetime will I have?

Our trips have been crafted in a way to give you the maximum experience possible! With that said we know that free/chill time is essential when travelling solo, we all need that little alone time to shop, grab a message/pedicure or even just chill with a cocktail for sunset. We plan free time in the places we know you’ll want/need it most. If you ever feel like you need a little extra down time, just communicate with your Group Leader and they’ll help find that time you need for yourself. There's no pressure from us at all!

What can I do in my free time?

We understand that free time for some is not always ‘chill time’ but an opportunity to find new and exciting adventures along the way. Your Group Leader will be able to help with ideas on how to spend your time in the best way possible. Whether that be exploring the local area, going shopping or tasting more of the delicious street food.

Oh don’t forget… free time is great for facetiming your friends/family back home. This will definitely get them jealous with all the FOMO 🤣

Are there lots of early starts?

You’re reading this because you're not a morning person right? Well don’t worry, we won't be dragging you out of bed for any unnecessary early starts. Occasionally we may plan an early start because we have a travel day or maybe we want to catch a sunrise somewhere special but we are fully aware everyone needs a bit of a sleep in now and then… including us!

Are meals included?

On all of our trips we include a bunch of meals along the way. You can see exactly how many meals that are included in ‘The Details’ section on the specific trip pages. Most of the places we stay include breakfast but there’s nothing we love more than taking you to some of our favourite local spots!

The balance of meals included and giving you the freedom to choose for yourself is something we love about our trips. If you fancy a Mcdonalds instead of a Pad Thai… no worries… go for it! 😋

Do you cater for specific dietary/allergy requirements?

We’ll always do our very best to make sure you have delicious meals along the way no matter what your dietary requirements. You’ll be asked during the booking process and again during ‘Check in’, be sure to share as much information as possible to help us prepare for your arrival.

Is street food safe to eat?

Mmmmhh making us hungry thinking about it… some of the food served on the side of the street by local vendors will be some of the tastiest and cheapest food you’ll have on your travels. But YES… street food is just as safe as your local pub (often fresher and much taster!).

What if there is an activity I don’t want to do?

Although all the activities are included, that doesn't mean you need to take part in absolutely everything. Of course we’d love you to join in on all the amazing experiences but this is your adventure and no ones going to force you to do anything. If you’re not so confident doing something or you really did just want to relax instead, don't feel guilty.

Is there a fitness level requirement?

Throughout our trips, we will be visiting some viewpoints in various locations to get the best views (believe us it's always worth the hard work!) We would say an average fitness level is just fine in order to join us at the top.

If for any reason you can’t take part due to fitness levels or injury that's absolutely fine, we’ll try our best to give you as much notice/preparation as possible.

What about safety?

Safety is the our #1 priority over everything… including having a good time! It’s something we take very seriously and understand our responsibility and duty of care for our travellers. From choosing accommodations that are in a safe location to ensuring everyone knows how to get back from a night out… we’ve thought about everything to keep all our travellers safe from the moment you arrive until you leave us.

How can I keep healthy on tour?

Some of the most obvious things to consider while travellers are;

💪🏼 Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water
💪🏼 Always wear sunscreen and reapply often
💪🏼 Keep yourself well fed throughout the day
💪🏼 Stay up to date with your routine vaccinations
💪🏼 Try a bit of exercise while on the road…

What if I get sick/injured and require medical assistance?

All our Group Leaders carry a first aid kit at all times for any minor injuries. If the situation is more serious and requires medical assistance or professional advice then we have a list of the closest, best and most trusted international hospitals in each area we travel. If something serious were to happen during the trip then we will ask you to inform your family ASAP or we’ll get in touch ourselves if necessary. It’s very important that you have your travel insurance documents to hand if a hospital visit is needed (this can be both a digital or physical copy, they will need a policy number, date of coverage, area of cover and your full name printed on the document).

What if my family needs to get in touch with me urgently while on tour?

If for any reason someone at home can’t manage to get in touch with you then we’d advise they call the Feel Free Travel office. The team will then immediately get in touch with your Group Leader who has a local number and is contactable almost all of the time.

We’ll also request your emergency contact details during ‘check in’ to ensure we can reach home if and when necessary.

Do I need to tip?

You’re going to meet some incredible people throughout your trip, some of them you’ll be insanely close to (local guides and group leaders), others you’ll meet for just a few hours at a restaurant or local experience. We as a company encourage tipping as we feel it’s a great way to give back to those that have given you the time of your life. If you feel that your experience has been nothing short of AWESOME… why not leave a tip for those that made it happen. If you put aside £20/$25 in tips throughout the trip you’ll leave with a whole heart that’s for sure 🥰

What time does the tour finish?

All our tours finish on the morning of the final day, this will give you plenty of time to get back to the airport ready for that flight home or onto your next destination.

What happens after my tour?

The truth is it really depends from group to group… sometimes we’ll have a whole bunch of people hanging out once the tour has finished travelling for days, weeks and even months together. But others you’ll have many people going separate ways. As the trip unfolds you’ll soon learn about each other's travel plans and share ideas for what adventures lie ahead. The hardest part is saying your goodbyes and giving your last big hugs to the people who are leaving straight after the trip finishes.

Can I get help with return airport transfers?

You sure can, our Group Leaders are available throughout the trip to chat about your onward travel plans. They will be there to offer help and assistance when it comes to booking flights, taxis, buses, and ferries. It’s always a good idea to get your flights booked before you arrive including any internal flights for after your tour.

When should I book my return flight?

It’s a good idea to book your return flight late afternoon or even later that evening on the final day. This will give you plenty of time to get back to the airport ready for that connecting flight.

Can I stay extra days?

You sure can, we suggest waiting until you arrive and chat with your Group Leader. You might have a bunch of ideas now but after chatting with the rest of the group and getting a feel for things you might change your mind. This is why we don’t offer the option to extend your trip before you arrive.

I’m doing more than 1 trip, how do I book my connecting flight?

We’ve actually written a whole blog on this as it’s pretty important you arrive as early as possible. Click here to read more.

Do I get help with onward travel?

It would be a real shame to lock up all our travel tips. Some people are just on a short break from work and others are on a slightly longer backpacking adventure. Either way your Group Leader will help you plan anything from a return airport transfer to giving you a bunch of awesome ideas for the rest of your time in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Will I be able to provide feedback about my trip?

Your feedback is so important to us and it only makes our trips even better. We’ve not only listened to our travellers' comments but we’ve used it to improve our trips year on year to make all our trips the best they possibly can be.

Do I need to be vaccinated to go on the trips?

There is no requirement set by us for you to be vaccinated while on tour. Some destinations do require you to be vaccinated to enter, it’s important to double check the entry requirements before you travel.

Do I need a negative COVID test to go on the trips?

Just like vaccination, there are no requirements set by us for you to provide a negative COVID test result to partake in our trips. It’s important that you check the entry requirements for the country you are travelling to yourself as these requirements change frequently.

Will I still have a good time? Will all the activities listed on the itinerary still be running?

Travel is very much BACK, life is returning to normal and the destinations that we visit throughout our tours are already seeing a significant increase in travellers.

Marine life has had time to recover, local communities have had time to reflect and we‘ve made good use of this time to rebuild our experiences so we are even better than ever before!

The trips themselves are running as normal. We do anticipate a few small changes along the way but we don’t expect that to be hugely significant or detrimental to the experience.

If my trip can’t go ahead, what are my options?

As you may know already, we offer a completely hassle-free booking experience with unlimited date changes. If your trip couldn’t go ahead we’d; 1) Give you the option to set a new date later down the road 2) Get yourself booked onto the next available departure in one of our other destinations 3) Put your trip on hold until you’re ready to travel again at a later date. There is no time limit on when you need to travel.

Can I postpone my trip even if the trip is still going ahead as planned?

If you’d like to postpone your trip to a later date because you are concerned about the ongoing COVID pandemic, we would ask that you get in touch via the DM’s and chat with one of the crew. If your trip is more than 60 days from today you can just reply to your booking confirmation email and we’ll make any necessary changes right away.

What advice would you give on booking flights at this time?

We’d always suggest booking flights with reputable airlines that offer flexible booking conditions (free date changes). It’s also a good idea where possible to book directly with the airline rather than going through a travel agent. This can often result in a slightly higher fare but we strongly recommend this option.
TIP: You can still use Skyscanner/Momondo/Google Flights as flight comparison websites to search for options before going direct with the airline.

What are you doing to keep us safe on tour?

Our Group Leaders are the best in the industry… we have a small family of staff that absolutely love what they do. We’ve all come together and shared our experience of both safe and practical COVID best practices. We understand that things are not black and white but our experienced crew will ensure that you’re kept safe during your time travelling with us.

We are constantly revising and updating all health and safety procedures in line with guidance from the local authorities, WHO (World Health Organisation), FCO and US State Department. These procedures will be followed to the letter to ensure all travellers are kept safe while on tour.

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