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Group Tours in Thailand Group Tours in Thailand Group Tours in Thailand
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Why Travel Thailand?

With such an incredible balance of experiences, it’s easy to see why travelling through Thailand is extremely popular for backpackers and solo travellers. The ‘Land of Smiles’ is known for its picture-perfect beaches, yummy street food and buzzing nightlife. Thailand is a destination that just keeps giving… golden temples, incredible landscapes, untouched national parks and some of the friendliest locals on earth. You’d be crazy to go backpacking through Southeast Asia and not stop in Thailand.

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Group Tours In Thailand

Jumping on a group tour in Thailand is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to travel. You'll be picked up when you land and introduced to your new travel buddies for the trip of a lifetime. Our trips include most of the big-ticket items like accommodation, activities, local experiences, and much more. Whether you are travelling solo or with a friend/partner, everyone is welcome on our group tours in Thailand.

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Bangkok & The South - 9 Days

Bangkok & The South - 9 Days

Start: Bangkok
Finish: Phi Phi Islands
From £875
Best of Thailand - 15 days Save £100

Best of Thailand - 15 days

Start: Bangkok
Finish: Chiang Mai
£1275 From £1175
Best of Asia - 29 Days Save £300

Best of Asia - 29 Days

Thailand • Vietnam • Combo
Start: Bangkok
Finish: Ho Chi Minh
£2549 From £2249
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Experience the ultimate thrill of travelling through Thailand on one of our incredible backpacking group tours. Go island hopping around Phi Phi or learn to cook like a local in Chiang Mai; explore the untouched beauty of Khao Sok or relax on the world-famous Railay Beach; experience the hippie vibes of Pai or dance like nobody is watching in Bangkok. Our incredible team has designed our group trips in Thailand to find the perfect balance of culture, adventure, chill time and nightlife.

Thailand Trip FAQs

When is the best time/month to travel to Thailand?

With such a warm climate all year round, Thailand is such a great destination to travel. Whether you decide to explore the bustling streets of Bangkok, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the islands, or indulge in the vibrant street food in the north, Thailand has it all. Don't worry too much about the occasional tropical showers; it’s a refreshing break from the heat before the sun comes back out. We operate our small group tours in Thailand all year round.

How many days in Thailand is enough?

We recommend setting aside 2-3 weeks for your solo trip to Thailand. With so much to explore and experience, it's important to allow yourself enough time to fully immerse in the wonders of this incredible country. Navigating the various transportation options can be overwhelming at first, but fear not! Our tours in Thailand are designed to take away all the hassles and worries of planning your trip and travelling alone. We’ll handle all the tough/boring stuff, giving you the freedom to enjoy each and every day to the fullest 🙌🏼

Do I need a visa to travel Thailand?

For most travellers, Thailand is a very easy country to visit with a simple ‘Visa on Arrival’ process. This includes a long list of different countries including; UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia and most of Europe. Be sure to do your own research, as each country/passport will have different entry requirements, and the rules can often change. It's your responsibility to ensure you've ticked all the necessary boxes to enter Thailand hassle-free.
*You must check your visa eligibility as we are not visa experts. The information above is general in nature. Here’s a blog that we put together to help; ‘An Unofficial Visa Guide to Asia & Australia’.

What injections/vaccinations do I need for Thailand?

Similar to visas, we are not medical professionals and would hate to give you false or misleading information. We recommend you book an appointment with your doctor or local pharmacy to discuss your travel plans and what precautions you need to be aware of. They will provide up-to-date guidance and will no doubt have your vaccination/immunisation history on file. All the destinations and areas we travel to are generally low-risk, but best to be on the safe side! Click here for a useful resource provided by the UK NHS website.

What about COVID-19 travel restrictions in Thailand?

It's always a good idea to check whether your destination or airline requires you to be COVID-19 vaccinated or tested to travel. It's your responsibility to ensure you arrive on tour with us in Thailand without any issues. Click here for a useful resource provided by the UK government.

What kind of people join these group tours?

It doesn't matter whether you're travelling solo, with a friend, or adventuring as a couple. Our trips attract a variety of different people from all corners of the world with a common goal of having the BEST time with like-minded people. Our trips are super popular for people looking to explore new places but don't want the worry of doing it alone or don't have the time to plan a trip themselves. Jumping on a group tour in Thailand is a super popular, convenient and hassle-free way to travel!

Are group tours in Thailand worth it? Why would I not just travel solo?

Planning a solo trip can be daunting, requiring careful consideration and a lot of time. But guess what? Our Thailand group tours are designed to make your life easier and your travel experience stress-free! From the moment you land, we handle all the logistics and nitty-gritty details, including airport pickup, comfortable accommodations, seamless transportation, engaging local activities, and delicious meals. With our tours, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your adventure in Thailand, knowing that every aspect has been expertly taken care of.

I am looking to come alone, do many people travel solo?

Yes, absolutely! Most people actually come alone, with there often being a few people travelling together either as friends or as a couple. Our trips are perfect for solo travellers as you'll make friends from the moment you arrive, and you'll have the confidence and security of doing it as a group.

How much money do you need for 2 weeks in Thailand?

Once you've booked your flights, paid off your trip and got some solid travel insurance, you'll be all set for that Thailand adventure. We suggest bringing no less than £300/$400, but this should be the bare minimum. We suggest working from an average of £400-500/$500-700 over 2 weeks, this will cover things like shopping, drinks, extra meals and anything else you fancy treating yourself to... maybe a few massages!?

What should I book first, the flights or the tour?

Great question! We always suggest getting the trip locked in first before booking flights. This way, you won’t be left disappointed if the trip goes full and you’ve already booked your flights. There are usually plenty of flight tickets available, but the spaces are limited with our trips, and the trips fill up pretty fast. We suggest booking your trip first, followed by your flight, and then purchasing your travel insurance to cover all eventualities. Getting these three out of the way as soon as possible is a good idea.

How far in advance do you recommend booking my trip to Thailand?

The average traveller typically books their trip 3-4 months in advance, which usually means there are plenty of options when it comes to dates. If you decide to book last minute, be prepared for limited availability. If you have your heart set on a specific date or trip, consider placing a deposit right away.

I’ve been looking at a few companies, what makes Feel Free Travel different?

If you're asking this question, you've probably not read what our incredible travellers are saying in the reviews. You would have noticed already that we are insanely passionate about sharing life-changing experiences with our groups. When we travel, it's more like a group of mates with that one friend who thankfully knows where they're going. Our group sizes are small and intimate, averaging 12-16 travellers. If you've not already, click here to join the 'Feel Free Family - Facebook Group'.

Is it possible to book a private tour of Thailand with a group of friends?

We specialise in bringing solo travellers together who arrive as complete strangers and soon become best friends/extended travel family. With that being said, we have been known to offer private tours subject to availability. If you send us an email to one of the team will be in touch and see what we can do… no promises!

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