Welcome to Sydney | Australia Working Holiday Package
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Welcome to Sydney - 8 Days

Sydney to Sydney

5 star review 180 Reviews

Welcome to Sydney - 8 Days Welcome to Sydney - 8 Days
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Welcome to Sydney - 8 Days

Sydney to Sydney

5 star review 180 Reviews

£1 deposit
From £649
Best way to start in Oz
Work & Travel Package
Perfect for Solo Travellers
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Watch the video
Watch the videoWatch the video
£1 deposit
From £649
Best way to start in Oz
Work & Travel Package
Perfect for Solo Travellers
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Trip Highlights

There really is no better way to start that backpacking adventure or working holiday visa in Sydney than on this ultimate Australia adventure! The crew will take care of all the boring stuff so you can get stuck straight into road trips, day trips and the real aussie way of life! Sydney is home to the world famous Bondi Beach, Opera House and Harbour Bridge; tick off all your bucket list experiences with a group of travellers just like you, all starting their adventures here in Sydney.

This 8 day starter package is the perfect way to start your working holiday in Sydney, share the adventure with solo travellers just like you on this awesome Australia group tour!

What’s Included

Accommodation? Check! Activities? Yep. Guides? Of course! Meals? We threw in a bunch to keep you going!

We’ve got you covered 😉

Watch the video
Watch the videoWatch the video


Arrival into Sydney: Days 1-2

We’ll pick you up from the airport, get you all settled in and introduce you to the rest of the group. Get ready for the best 8 days of your life! To help you get your bearings we’ll take you on a walking tour of the city finishing at one of our favourite Sydney spots where we’ll have some bevies and dinner with the group!

Iconic spots & Aboriginal Culture: Day 3

We start today learning more about the Australian history and heritage long before the british colonial times as we’re guided through a cultural Aboriginal experience here in Sydney. The afternoon is full of the iconic spots like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House plus all our lesson-known favourite spots in the suburbs. Later in the day we mix it up with cocktail-making and street food...if you love asian street food then Sydney’s food scene will blow your mind!

South of Sydney Road Trip to Surf Camp: Day 4

It’s time to hit the road...aussie style! We’ll jump in the bus, crank up the tunes and make the journey down south of Sydney via Australia’s first national park. On route we’ll drive along the Sea Cliff Bridge (Google it 😍) and take in the incredible coastal scenery of New South Wales.

We arrive at our epic surf camp and after lunch we get suited up, grab ourselves a foamy (soft surfboard) and learn to catch our first wave with some super chill Aussie surfers!

Dolphin Cruise & Jervis Bay: Day 5

You expect us to deliver pretty epic spots when you travel with us, well here it is...Jervis Bay! This little slice of paradise is home to the ‘whitest sand’ in the WORLD! What’s even more exciting is that the Jervis Bay area is full of wildlife including TONNES of KANGAROOS!

Today we’ll find not only time to chill & play volleyball on the beach but we’ll also squeeze in a dolphin cruise...YES...you heard it right...DOLPHINS 🐬

Work & Travel Support: Day 6

Today we focus on what happens next after the trip here in Sydney. We’ll spend most of the morning going through all the endless opportunities Australia has to offer giving you all something to get excited about. The afternoon we’ll head down to the iconic Bondi Beach for more beach time for you beach bums or you can go for a wander in this super cool suburb.

Final Plans & Life Admin: Day 7 & 8

Over the last few days we will focus on locking in any plans after the trip. This is when we turn all those ideas and dreams into reality. You’ll have 1-1 time with the crew to ask questions, run through any worries you might have and book that life changing adventure through Australia.

Don’t worry we’ll find plenty of time to relax, party on a pub crawl and even squeeze in a cheeky rooftop BBQ overlooking the city!

Australia Welcome to Sydney - 8 Days Map

Where We Stay

The accommodation in Australia is something we do better than anyone else! From the hostel rooftops panoramic views of Sydney (probably the best in the world) to the legendary Surf Camp south of the big city. When we’re not out having an awesome time, you’re relaxing in our unique & comfortable accommodation.

Dorm Share

Dorm Share

Travel in Style

Travel in Style

Private Room Upgrades

Private Room Upgrades

Whats The Deal

Trip Details

Start: Sydney Finish: Sydney
Tour Length: 8 days
Avg Group Size: 12 - 20
Age Range: 18 - 39’s
No. of Activities: 17+
No. of Included Meals: 7
Guides: Local & Western Group Leader

**Important note: This tour is managed & operated by ‘To.Travel.Pty.Ltd’ our buddies down under in Australia. Don’t worry this doesn’t change anything when it comes to having an awesome time. The team will do everything they can to give you that life changing trip you expect when booking with Feel Free Travel**

Tour Price: From £649 per person

What’s included for the price:

  • All Activities & Experiences
  • All Accommodation
  • Personal Airport Pick Up
  • Unlimited Help & Support in Australia
  • Discounted Travel in Australia
  • Bank Account Set Up
  • Tax File Number Set Up
  • Australian Sim Card
  • Private Facebook group
  • No Hidden Costs!
  • Tourist or Working Holiday Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Flights to/from Australia

Experiences & Activities

  • Meet & greet sessions with the fam
  • Guided city walking tour with the crew
  • Welcome meal at our favourite spot
  • Insightful Aboriginal experience
  • Explore Sydney’s iconic landmarks
  • Mix it up at a cocktail making session
  • 2 Day/ 1 Night road trip south of Sydney
  • Trip down to the Royal National Park
  • Epic views of the Sea Cliff Bridge
  • Head out on a dolphin cruise
  • Jervis Bay and the world's whitest sand
  • Learn to surf in south of Sydney
  • Stay overnight at an Aussie surf camp
  • Afternoon at the world famous Bondi Beach
  • Take on an epic bar crawl in Sydney
  • Farewell BBQ at the hostel rooftop
  • Secret Inclusions throughout the week

Before the Trip

Aim to Arrive Early

We always suggest arriving a day or 2 early to allow extra time to recover from that long flight. Of course it’s not essential but we have a bunch of ideas to spend that extra time, whether it’s wandering around, day trips or overnight adventures. We’ll also hook you up with other early arrivals to give you someone to hangout with.

Your Arrival Details

Once you’ve booked your flights, head to the Check In Area and update your arrival details. This will help us plan for your arrival and so that we can be waiting for you when you arrive.

Travel Insurance & Visa

It’s super important that you get yourself covered for your trip with us. It’s not expensive and certainly does give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Be sure to check any visa restrictions before you leave. If you’re unsure then let us know and we will do our best to help.

When I Arrive

Your Airport Pick Up

No matter what time you arrive, we will always be there to pick you up. All our trips include airport pick ups so be sure to update your arrival details through the Check In Area.

What time to arrive on Day 1

We always recommend arriving earlier rather than later on Day 1. This gives you time to nap, freshen up and recover from that flight. In the evening we will head out for dinner and drinks with the group.

Pre-Night Accommodation

You can add extra nights accommodation at the time of booking or by letting us know in the DM’s. We will get you booked in at the accommodation where we start to save any unnecessary moving around.

Life Essentials Covered

Australian Bank Account 🏦

If you’re only traveling in Australia for a few weeks then don’t worry about a bank account.. a pre-loaded travel cash card is all you’ll need.

If you plan on spending more time in Australia or you’re coming on a Working Holiday Visa then we recommend that you open an Australian bank account. It’s going to save you money on exchange/ transaction fees and if you want to get paid for working in Australia you’re going to need one.

Sounds super stressful? Don’t worry, it’s actually super easy and we’re going to help you organise it so you can have Australian dollars already in your account for when you get here.

Australian SIM Card 📱

We’ll make sure you have your local SIM Card all set up first thing on Monday morning before the trip kicks off. Just make sure your phone’s unlocked to any network before you arrive.

The hostel we stay in has free WIFI… So don’t worry, you’ll be able to jump on that as soon as you arrive to let your family and friends know you landed safely in Australia.

Tax File Number ✅

You’re not going to be able to work in Australia unless you have one… that’s why we’re going to sort that for you too!

Your Tax File Number is basically a personal identity number created for you by the Australian Taxation Office. You’ll need to give this to your employers at each place you work so that your tax will be deducted correctly, just like it would be in your home country.

We’re hoping you’re going to do some epic travelling first, but it’s always good to have it ready for when you want to work in the land down under.

Your Medicare ⛑

What even is Medicare? It’s Australia's health care system for locals and also for some overseas visitors including the following countries: Belgium, Finland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, The Republic of Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

It’s not essential but basically it allows you to access certain health services at little or even no cost.

You can find out if you're eligible HERE and see exactly what documents you’re going to need to apply. Again, don’t stress... we’re going to explain in more detail once you’re here in Australia with us.

Lifetime Membership ⭐️

For as long as you are in Australia and beyond we’re always here for support. Whether you need some help or you just want a catch up… you can always get in touch in the DM’s or just head back to the office to chill out...no worries!

After the Trip

What happens after the tour?

That’s totally up to you! Everyone has different plans in mind before arriving in Australia but don’t worry… you won’t be on your own. You’ll no doubt meet a bunch of awesome new buddies in the group, more often than not they will have the same plans as you...sometimes plans change...but that really is the magic of travelling solo.

We’ll do our absolute best to support your work and travel plans here in Australia...the team has a wealth of experience travelling around Australia & New Zealand so rest assured they’ll make that epic trip you’d always dreamed a reality...that's a GUARANTEE!

Onward Travel Support for Australia & NZ

Throughout the week we will be filling your brains with ideas, tips, tricks and routes to give you all the knowledge and inspiration to plan that life changing trip around Australia. We will even do a travel presentation that our travellers love because they all sit together and get pumped for different experiences.

Finding Work in Australia

Looking to work in Australia? Then you’re probably wondering where to start in finding your feet in the working world overseas. It can be tough but with our help we’ll have you earning cash on the road in no time. #WORKHARDPLAYHARD

As well as having an awesome first 8 Days in Australia, you will receive exclusive tips, resources and guidance towards finding a job and farm work in Australia. We’ll even give you full access to our huge database full of employers and contacts in working sectors such as hospitality, retail, construction, sales and marketing and many more.

We’re always on the lookout for jobs perfect for people on their working holiday in Australia and here’s what you’ll receive to get going:

  • One to One Employment Meeting
  • Lifetime Access to Employer Database
  • CV Writing assistance
  • 10 Printed copies of your CV
  • Interview question advice
  • Weekly Job Update Emails

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come alone?

You sure can! This kind of trip is perfect for solo travellers, you’ll be sharing the adventure with like minded people and have all the boring stuff taken care of! Plus from the moment you arrive you’ll have a new best friend making sure you get settled in, answering all your questions and introducing you to the rest of the group.

Can I contact other people who have booked onto the same tour as me?

There are 2 ways to get intouch with people in your group - you can either join the ‘The Feel Free Family’ on Facebook to get chatting with other like minded people. If you prefer you can wait until about a week before the tour starts and you’ll be invited into a private WhatsApp group that is only your group! Or better still why not do both options 🙌🏼

I’m not on a Working Holiday Visa, can I still do this tour?

You absolutely can! This trip is designed to give you the best 8 days of your life! As much as we cover a whole bunch of things that help & support those individuals on a working holiday visa...we also visit some awesome places and share some incredible experiences.

What’s included in my Australia tour?

Check out ‘The Details’ tab for a breakdown…but all accommodation, trips & activities, guides, transport, a bunch of meals, all the boring stuff sorted and onward travel support is all included. You only need to sort your flights & visa to Australia, get travel insurance and bring some spending money!

How much spending money do I need for the 8 day tour?

You don’t need much at all considering almost everything is included during your first week with us! We suggest no less than $200-$250 AUD to be safe… some people spend less and some more, it really depends on your spending habits. If you are prone to a few more big nights out than the average person you could spend more.

For the meals that aren’t included you’ll be able to find lunch for between $6-15 and dinner for $10-$20. If you want to save money, you can always team up with people and cook dinners at the hostel!

How much money would you recommend bringing to Australia?

This really depends on how long you plan to stay in Australia and what’s on the ‘list’. Your first 8 days of activities, accommodation and a bunch of other experiences is sorted so what’s next is up to you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: All ‘Working Holiday Visa’ holders will be required to show they have at least $5,000 AUD in their bank account on arrival to Australia.

If you’re looking to do some traveling for around a month straight after the trip then this would be a good amount to start with but we’d always recommend saving up as much as possible to give yourself the best possible experience in Australia. Nobody wants to be that guy/gal that has to sit on the beach watching everybody else Skydiving having an awesome time!

Are flights to Australia included in the price?

International flights to & from Australia are not included in the tour price. We can definitely help when it comes to planning flights, so if you are unsure then drop us a message and we can help. Rest assured, we’ll be at the airport to meet you when you land.

Which Airport to Arrive

There is more than 1 airport in Melbourne but you’ll soon see when you’re looking at flights that the airport that you’ll be flying into is Melbourne Airport, MEL, also formerly known as Tullamarine Airport. One of the crew will be waiting with a big smile to get you checked into the Melbourne accommodation.

Is This For You?

If you’re looking to travel Australia and have no idea where to start... this trip is for you! The 8 day Sydney starter package is completely hassle free, we include everything from accommodation, activities, a bunch of meals and unlimited help and support with travel and finding work. Most people travel solo or others bring a friend, either way by the end of this adventure you’ll have a bunch of new buddies for life.

If you’re all set and can’t wait to come join us...click ‘book now’ below and reserve your spot for as little as £1.

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