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Our Promise to You: Book with Confidence Our Promise to You: Book with Confidence

Our Promise to You: Book with Confidence


Written by Adam Whitehouse

Posted, 3rd August 2021

You might be clicking on this blog post and wondering what does that even mean… ‘Book with Confidence’…

Well in truth it can mean many different things, to many different people. Whether you’re a high school teacher looking to get away during the Easter Break or you’re a student looking for that longer one-way ticket gap year. Booking that big trip can be a HUGE commitment and we get that. Within this article, I’ll break down each of our core ‘Book with Confidence’ promises and elaborate a little more on each…

Deposits from £1 💷

Well first things first, yes you heard it right! You can book a trip with us for a WHOPPING £1 as long as the date of the tour is not within the next 90 days. You might be wondering… ok, what’s the catch? Well, I’ll tell you right here, right now, THERE IS NO CATCH! Even before COVID stepped into our lives, we had this vision of giving each of our travellers the most flexible and hassle-free way to book a trip. And what better way than giving all of our travellers the easiest way to book by paying just £1 to guarantee your spot 🙌🏼 Don’t worry, you can thank me later 😆 🙈

But why the 90 days cut off?
Like every great thing in life – there has to be boundaries! From the moment you book we have a huge amount of work to do behind the scenes – booking hotels, arranging transfers, buses, trains, boats, local guides, activities and of course communicate with our amazing local suppliers to ensure they have the most amount of time to plan for your arrival. Granted some of our experiences throughout the trip are very organic and can happen on the fly, but in truth, we need to plan very far ahead to ensure that the trips run as effortlessly as possible 💪🏼 #dontworry #wegotthis

Free Date Changes 🗓

With an ever-changing travel situation, the tourism industry is seeing a fantastic response to the trending confidence stamp of ‘flexible booking conditions’, otherwise known as ‘Free Date/Trip Changes’. For as long as I can remember, this has always been a premium and something that you would have to pay extra for. Well, hopefully, we have all seen the back of this premium feature and the world has realised that flexible booking conditions should be the standard for all and not just for the high flyers of the world.

We at Feel Free Travel believe that flexibility breeds confidence. We want our travellers to know that we have their back and that’s why we offer complete flexibility when booking your trip. Whether it’s your grans birthday or you just couldn’t get the time off work… Let us know no more than 60 days before the trip and we’ll change your date or trip for absolutely FREE.

What if I need to change within 60 days?
Listen, we’re not going to just go and throw the book at you and tell you to refer to our ‘Terms & Conditions. As always we will keep to our promise and be as flexible as ‘possible’. If we CAN, we WILL! The last thing we want is to make you or anyone else feel like crap because the terms and conditions were set in stone. On the flip side, we need to consider all avenues and communicate with both our local teams and internal operations to see if it’s possible. If in the unfortunate circumstance that we have to make a charge… rest assured, it will only be what is necessary to make the change 🙌🏼 #ifwecan #wewill

COVID Safe Travel 🦠

As the world slowly gets to grip with this increasingly annoying coronavirus, we all need to ‘do our bit’ to not only protect ourselves but the people around us too. This starts with ensuring our staff and operators are managing risks both pro-actively and dynamically as they happen. We are continually monitoring the ‘World Travel & Tourism Council’ protocols as well as the ‘World Health Organisation’ guidance and ensuring that our processes and operations are as safe as physically possible.

COVID as we all know is a constantly evolving virus with new variants and symptoms emerging all the time. Our team will do everything within our power to both protect our staff and our travellers as well as all of the local communities we come in contact with ⚠️ #covidsafe #safetyfirst

Financial Protection 🔐

As a British company, we are governed and regulated by British law. All monies paid are kept in trust until the tour has been commenced. Both us the operator and you the customer are bound by our official terms & conditions to protect all parties involved.

We pride ourselves on being a community of like-minded individuals and will continue to focus our efforts on being as transparent as possible when it comes to financials. As much as we are unable to just go throwing money here, there and everywhere. We understand that certain circumstances need to be handled in a fair and open way 😎 #proudtobe #abritishcompany

Flexible Payments 🤸‍♀️

When Feel Free Travel was born we wanted to give our customers OPTIONS! We are now in the age of split payments and ‘Book Now, Pay Later’. To allow us to offer the best possible solutions, we broke things down into 3 easy options;

  1. Book Now, Pay Later
    You’ll put a £99 deposit down to secure your spot on the trip. Between 60-80 days before the tour we will be in touch to remind you that the remaining balance of your tour is due. No later than 60 days before your deparutre the full balance MUST be cleared #booknowpaylater
  2. £1 Deposit + Interest Free Payment Plan
    Definately our most attractive way to pay for good reason. Whether you want to go in 3 months or 3 years… we got this! During the booking process our system will calculate that a £1 deposit will be taken to secure your spot, the remaining balance will be split between the numbers of months until that 60 day cut off (same as option 1 – full balance is due 60 days before). If you were to miss any payments… don’t worry… this would be added to your final balance #noworries
  3. Pay in Full at the time of booking
    Some people just want to ‘GET IT DONE’, tick it off and focus on building that piggy bank of spending money. If that’s you then this option is all yours! I don’t need to spell the rules out on this bad boy… lets just say, It’s as easy as 16 digit card number, expiry date and security number! #boom

Pay Securely 💳

You absolutely SHOULD NOT spend any money or enter any personal details on ANY website unless they have the padlock next to the main search bar 👆🏻🔒. This little symbol tells us that the connection between your computer and the website is secure using SSL encryption which is recognised by all the major tech companies online including Facebook, Google & Paypal. This means that there is some super geeky sh*t that protects your information so that robots from another planet can’t steal your hard-earned pennies! 🤭

But as well as that, we continue to focus on making a booking with us as easy as possible. This means we take almost all major card providers including Visa, Mastercard & AMEX #paysecurely #protectyourdata

Whether you’re looking to travel solo or bring a friend along for the ride, our group tours in both Australia & South East Asia are the perfect balance of culture, adventure & party nights out. You’ll arrive as strangers and leave as the bestest of friends. There really is no better way to backpack than with Feel Free Travel 🤙🏻

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Written by Adam Whitehouse

If you still can't find the answer you're looking for then don't forget to slide into the DM's or Schedule a Call with one of the team.

Posted, 3rd August 2021


Written by Adam Whitehouse

If you still can't find the answer you're looking for then don't forget to slide into the DM's or Schedule a Call with one of the team.

Posted, 3rd August 2021

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