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All Your COVID Related Questions Answered All Your COVID Related Questions Answered

All Your COVID Related Questions Answered


Written by Adam Whitehouse

Posted, 15th January 2022

With travel very much back on the cards since the European summer of 2021, it’s easy to see why Asia has become extremely popular heading into early 2022. With case numbers from the less severe variant of Omicron at an all-time high, the world has begun transitioning from Pandemic to Endemic. This transition has seen the UK amongst other countries removing their red/do not travel lists as the risk level continues to drop.

We’ve put a blog together that we believe covers pretty much all your typical COVID questions and answers. You’ll find a good portion of these questions on our FAQ’s page but we wanted to add a few more here to bolster this super important information.

The Experience 🌴

Will I still have a good time? Will all the activities listed on the itinerary still be running?
Travel is very much BACK, life is slowly returning to normal and the endemic is very clearly in sight. The destinations that we visit throughout our tours are already seeing a significant increase in travellers. 

Marine life has had time to recover, local communities have had time to reflect and we‘ve made good use of this time to rebuild our experiences so we are even better than ever before! 

The trips themselves are running as normal. We do anticipate a few small changes along the way but we don’t expect that to be hugely significant or detrimental to the experience.

If my trip can’t go ahead, what are my options?
As you may know already, we offer a completely hassle-free booking experience with unlimited date changes. If your trip couldn’t go ahead we’d; 1) Give you the option to set a new date later down the road 2) Get yourself booked onto the next available departure in one of our other destinations 3) Put your trip on hold until you’re ready to travel again at a later date. The is no time limit on when you need to travel.

Can I postpone my trip even if the trip is still going ahead as planned?
If you’d like to postpone your trip to a later date because you are concerned about the ongoing COVID pandemic, we would ask that you get in touch via the DM’s and chat with one of the crew. If your trip is more than 60 days from today you can just reply to your booking confirmation email and we’ll make any necessary changes right away.

What happens if I or someone else gets COVID on the trip?
We at Feel Free Travel follow all the advice and guidance from the local health authorities in each of the destinations that we operate in. Therefore if someone shows symptoms, we would enact our COVID-19 contingency arrangements and limit the risk to the remainder of the group. We would then encourage the individual(s) to undergo COVID testing and to provide either a valid negative result (false positives DO happen) or be medically cleared by a healthcare professional to continue. There are many testing sites throughout the destinations that we operate in. The safety and wellbeing of all travellers on our trips is our absolute priority and we’ll do everything in our power to support any individuals that require our help & guidance. 

What are you doing to keep us safe on tour?
Our Group Leaders are the best in the industry… we have a small family of staff that absolutely love what they do. We’ve all come together and shared our experience of both safe and practical COVID best practices. We understand that things are not black and white but our experienced crew will ensure that you’re kept safe during your time travelling with us. 

Will I need to wear a mask and use hand sanitiser on tour?
Your Group Leader will inform you of any occasion that requests masks to be worn and where we believe it is necessary to maintain responsible travel measures. The safety of the communities we visit is equally as important to us as is the safety of our customers. We recommend using hand sanitiser at any given opporunity to better pretty you and others around you.
Important: It has been known for airlines & airports to not accept washable cloth masks as an alternative medical masks.

Booking Your Trip 👍🏼

How many times can I change my trip date?
If you were forced to change your trip due to COVID we offer an ‘Unlimited Date Change’ policy as we know how difficult it is to plan ahead right now. With that said it’s important that these date changes are submitted at the earlist possible opporunity. We set a cap of 60 days prior to your trip departure but we also discuss all bookings on a case by case basic. Fundamentally we will do everything in our power to give as much flexibility as possible.

Are there any fees associated with changing the trip?
If you change your trip date before the 60 day cut off there is no fees assosiated with changing your date. Outside of that we will charge only what is necessary to make the changes with our operators. Again we handle all date changes case by case and will do everything within our power to avoid fees where possible.

Is there a time limit on when I need to travel? Or does my trip deposit/balance expire?
Your balance and deposits that are made direct with Feel Free Travel have no set expiry date. If you decide to hold off for 2 months or 2 years that is absolutely fine! Just let us know at the earliest opporunity when you want to travel and we’ll do our best to get you booked on to the trip of your choice!

Can I have a room to myself?
If you are a solo traveller and would prefer your own private room for that extra bit of privacy or because you know you’re a bit of a snorer then we can arrange that for you. You can select the ‘Private Double’ option at the booking stage for an extra cost on all of our trips.

Vacination, Testing & Quarantine 💉

Do I need to be vaccinated to go on the trips?
There is no requirement set by us for you to be vaccinated while on tour. BUT… unfortunately, there are numerous locations on tour that require proof of vaccination status for entry. Your Group Leader will ensure you are fully prepared for these circumstances while on tour. We would strongly recommend reconsidering travel at this time if you are not vaccinated for COVID-19.

Do I need a negative COVID test to go on the trips?
Just like vaccination, there are no requirements set by us for you to provide a negative COVID test result to partake in our trips. BUT… it’s becoming the new norm for countries to expect a negative result pre-departure and in some instances on arrival. It’s important that you check the entry requirements for the country you are travelling to yourself as these requirements change frequently.

Do you arrange COVID tests before my tour or do I need to do that myself?
We do not provide any kind of COVID testing support as we are not affiliated with any such providers. This is something we strongly recommend seeking professional support and where possible using a government approved provider.

Can you help me get a COVID test before the end of the tour to allow me to fly home?
Again we are not affiliated with any COVID testing providers in the countries that we operate in. Our Group Leaders will do their best to support any pre-departure testing to support an easy transition through to your onward travel arrangements.

If I need a negative covid test to travel between countries, can you help with that?
Your Group Leader will be available for any onward travel support and testing where necessary. We are not affiliated with any COVID testing providers but it’s generally not a difficult process and something that can be arranged pretty easily.

Do I need to quarantine before joining the trip?
There is no rules set by Feel Free Travel for you to quaratine before any of our trips. Some destinations may have quaratine procedures in place depending on your vaccination status and the current situation in that country. We’d recommend constatly checking the entry requirements for the destination you are visiting to be sure you are fully prepared before departure.

Whats happens if I test positive in the coming days before the trip?
If you were to test postive pre-departure and were unable to travel – we would do everything we can to minimise any cancellation fees and move you ASAP to the next available departure. We cannot guarentee there will be no fees due to the nature of what we do. There will be transport, accommodation & activity bookings that are non refunable but generally speaking our providers are flexible in these instances.

Will you be sharing my contact information with anyone else, such as health authorities?
To ensure we comply with the local health authorities we may be required to collect and share personal infromation in relation to COVID for track & trace purposes. Hotels, restuarants, transportation and activity providers may request this information to be reported back to local health departments. In the even you have been exposed to COVID the local authority may contact you to alert you of such contact.

Trip Preparation ✈️

What advice would you give on booking flights at this time?
We’d always suggest booking flights with reputable airlines that offer flexible booking conditions (free date changes). It’s also a good idea where possible to book directly with the airline rather than going through a travel agent. This can often result in a slightly higher fare but we strongly recommend this option. 

TIP: You can still use Skyscanner/Momondo/Google Flights as flight comparison websites to search for options before going direct with the airline.

We are constantly revising and updating all health and safety procedures in line with guidance from the local authorities, WHO (World Health Organisation), FCO and US State Department. These procedures will be followed to the letter to ensure all travellers are kept safe while on tour. 

Do I need travel insurance to cover me for COVID?
Travel insurance is a requirement for all travellers on our trips. When it comes to COVID we recommend that you check the entry requirements for the country you are travelling to and see if COVID related cover is necessary. We would suggest opting for this as a precautionary measure for that added level of protection. You can contact the insurance providers directly with any queries to ensure there is adequate cover. World Nomads generally has a great reputation with an exceptional service record, you can get a quote here…


Written by Adam Whitehouse

Adam’s an exceptionally tall human and one of the co-founders at Feel Free Travel. You’ll often find him near the beach sitting in front of his laptop with a coffee in hand. When he’s not bashing away at his keyboard he’ll have a camera in hand shooting some cool and exciting new content!

Posted, 15th January 2022


Written by Adam Whitehouse

Adam’s an exceptionally tall human and one of the co-founders at Feel Free Travel. You’ll often find him near the beach sitting in front of his laptop with a coffee in hand. When he’s not bashing away at his keyboard he’ll have a camera in hand shooting some cool and exciting new content!

Posted, 15th January 2022

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