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Is Bali Expensive To Visit In 2024? Is Bali Expensive To Visit In 2024?

Is Bali Expensive To Visit In 2024?


Written by Josh Band

Posted, 22nd September 2023

Find yourself asking the question, “Is Bali Expensive?”?

It’s one of the most common questions people have before booking a trip to Bali.

Bali is a must-visit destination on many travellers’ bucket lists. If you’re in the process of planning a trip to South-East Asia, then you’re probably considering staying in Bali for a while.

The island is absolutely beautiful, and it’s not hard to see why so many couples are opting for Bali on honeymoon trips, and solo travellers are making room in their itinerary to visit the island.

With Bali looking like the destination of dreams for most travellers, it can often leave you wondering, “Is Bali expensive?” No one wants to leave the bank empty after a trip, right?

We host Bali group tours all throughout the year, so we consider ourselves experts when it comes to anything to do with Bali, and we know how much things cost.

So, we have created the ultimate guide with everything you need to know when budgeting a trip to beautiful Bali and give all the answers you need to figure out for yourself, “Is Bali expensive?”.

Is Bali Expensive?

It sounds obvious, but your budget for Bali will depend greatly on what you intend to do while you’re on the island, where you want to stay and how much you’re willing to spend on food, drink and transport.

Thankfully, Bali’s tourism industry is very open, and there is availability in most sectors to fit whatever budget you’d like.

Hardcore backpackers will typically spend $10-20 per day in Bali. This includes staying in hostels, eating street food, doing free activities, etc.

If you are on a medium budget, then you can certainly get away with spending around $50 per day, but if you’d prefer to have a luxurious stay, then you’ll naturally need a bigger budget than that.

The cost of living in Bali is quite low. It isn’t a very rich region, but the economy has seen a huge increase in recent years from tourism. Locals live on around $750-$2,000 per month, so it is very achievable to get by on a budget when visiting the island.

Costs for two people for two weeks average at around $3,000 for the entire trip. But every traveller is different, and how you choose to spend your time and money will greatly affect your budget.

Finding the best deals for flights, accommodation, and activities is a great way to reduce your costs. Making sure you do plenty of research on prices is the best way to save money.

Another great way to save money is by booking one of our tours. We’ve visited Bali hundreds of times collectively, and we know all the best areas to visit and how to make the most of your money.

Not to mention that the cost of activities like taking a boat tour in Lovina or taking a cooking class in Ubud are all included in our price. And we even provide some meals too!

To summarise, budget between $20 and $200+ per person per day, depending on how you like to travel. Bali is such a beautiful island and deserves to be enjoyed no matter your budget.

Price of Food in Bali

As with every country, food prices in Bali vary significantly, depending on where and what you eat. If you’re on a tight budget, then you can certainly get away with spending less than $10 a day in total.

Local and street food prices can be as low as $2-$4 for a decently sized portion. And don’t believe all the negative stigma around Southeast Asian street food; you aren’t guaranteed to get food poisoning.

If you’re looking for something a bit more familiar and something that you know that you’ll like, then prices do rise slightly. Typical Western foods like fries or battered chicken will set you back around $5-$8 per dish.

If you’ve time for a sit-down meal in a nice restaurant, it will fit nicely into any budget. You can expect to pay anywhere from $15-$20 for a meal – rising to $20-$30 if you want to get alcoholic drinks like wine or cocktails.

Finding healthy foods while travelling can often be neglected by many travellers. When you need a bit of pick-me-up or something with some more vitamins and minerals, then typical options are smoothie (perfect for breakfast) and poke bowls.

They’re two of the best traditional Bali foods. Smoothie bowls cost around $4-$6, while poke bowls are slightly more expensive at $5-$7.

Price of Drinks in Bali

Staying hydrated while on the go is very important – particularly in hot destinations like Bali. While bottled water (side note- you can’t drink tap water in Bali) should also be your go-to method of hydration, treating yourself to an alcoholic beverage here and there is the perfect thing to help you relax after a long day of exploring.

As with most countries, you’ll have to pay more for alcohol in restaurants and bars than if you were to buy bottles yourself from stores. Beers and ciders are far cheaper in Bali than wines and cocktails, so you often get more for your money.

A good beer in a restaurant with your meal will likely set you back $1.50-$3, which is very affordable and unlike anything you’d find in the West. If you head to a local store to buy beer yourself, then you’ll likely only have to spend $1-$2 per bottle.

A picture of some drinks by the sea in Bali. Is Bali expensive? Alcohol is a big factor.

Cocktails in Bali are delicious – they are some of the best around, and the attention to detail is incredible. They are beautifully presented no matter the price and are a great, refreshing post-dinner drink.

The only downside is that cocktails are the most expensive of all the alcoholic drinks in Bali (though, to be fair, this is the same in most places). They typically cost around $4-$8 but are worth the price.

Wine prices vary the most. Glasses in restaurants tend to cost around $4-$6, and if you want to buy the bottle, then the price will depend on where in the world the wine is from. Local bottles of wine will cost about $15, while imported ones can cost upwards of $30.

Price of Transport in Bali

Getting around Bali is really easy, especially if you book one of our guided Bali tours 😉.

Nonetheless, there are so many transport options available, and locals are always willing to help you find your way about.

Taxi fares in Bali can vary massively. Transfers from the airport to Ubud will cost approximately $30-$40, for example. Be sure to always check the price with your driver before getting in, as some drivers will take advantage of travellers and push the price upwards if you seem oblivious.

Taxi companies Grab and GO-JEK are popular in this part of the world. They are the equivalent of Uber in Bali. If you’re travelling around Denpasar, Kuta, Seminyak Canggu or any of the popular spots in Bali then you’re in luck, as the companies have drivers in these areas.

Most travellers will likely take the ferry to the Gili islands at some point during their trip. Transfers on the ferry cost between $30-$60 for a one-way ticket. We told you that our tours are a great way to save money!

A picture of motorbikes in Bali with a sign saying "For Rent".

Renting a scooter or motorbike while in Bali is extremely common and popular. And it’s a cheap mode of transport too!

Most rental companies will do daily and weekly rates so you can make the most of your money. Daily rental fees are between $3 and $10, whereas for the week you can expect to spend $20-$50.

Car rental is another good option for exploring Bali. Costs are around $30-$50 per day, which is not too bad compared to other South-East Asian destinations.

Please note that if you’re planning on renting a bike or car on your trip then an international driving licence is required. It’s a good idea to check with your travel insurance company that you’re covered for driving these vehicles while abroad too - you don’t want to end up out of pocket if you wind up injured.

Please note that if you’re planning on renting a bike or car on your trip then an international driving licence is required. It’s a good idea to check with your travel insurance company that you’re covered for driving these vehicles while abroad too – you don’t want to end up out of pocket if you wind up injured.

You also need to be aware of scams when renting motorbikes, scooters and cars. Many companies will try to catch you out with extortionate prices or claim that there is damage to the vehicle that you didn’t cause.

The best way around the latter is to take photos from every angle of the bike or car – particularly any scratches or dents – as soon as it is given to you so that you can prove it wasn’t your fault.

Price of Accommodation in Bali

Bali has a huge range of accommodation options to suit every budget; whether you want a bed in a hostel or a luxurious villa with a pool, Bali has you covered.

On the cheapest end of the scale, hostels can be as lowly priced as $7-$15 per night. However, you are sacrificing the modern comforts you’ll be used to in most European and American hostels.

Such cheap hostels make their money by offering quite low-quality rooms – but you get what you pay for, after all! Typical hostels will allow for very limited private space. Dorm-style rooms are the norm, with up to 30 bunk beds per room in some areas. You’ll find it very difficult to find a hostel offering a private bathroom in Bali – most will be shared bathroom areas.

Hotel stays are preferable to travellers who like a bit more privacy without destroying their life savings. You can get a night in a basic hotel for around $30-$50.

Airbnb has really taken off in Bali in recent years, and there are lots of low-cost, good-quality apartments available on the island. A decent budget Airbnb will cost only $30-$50 per night (plus a service and cleaning charge- can we go back to 2019 Airbnb?!).

Or, if you’re looking for somewhere more luxurious and want the complete Bali experience of those TikToks and videos about Bali, private villas also available on Airbnb can cost anywhere from $50 per night to $3000. They’re pricey, but some of them are definitely worth it. Bali is the perfect place to spend out on some luxury.

Price of Activities in Bali

The number of activities available in Bali is endless. There is something for everyone on the island, with water activities and hiking trips being some of the most popular.

Some of the best activities in Bali are actually free. Hiking waterfall routes, visiting local markets or attending religious and cultural shows are some of the best free activities that Bali has to offer, and they’re enjoyable too! Remember always to travel responsibly and respect the environment.

If you’re looking for an overall budget for activities, putting aside $10-$50 per experience is a good estimate. Most activities will be on the lower end of the scale, but it’s better to over budget than under.

One of the most popular things to do in Bali, for example, is to visit Uluwatu Temple. It’s one of the reasons to visit Uluwatu. The temple’s entrance fee is 30,000 IDR which is equivalent to just under $2.

Another popular activity which has a very small entrance fee is visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest. Travellers can expect to pay around $3 to gain entry into the forest park, and it is an unforgettable way to spend a day near Ubud.

A picture of someone looling at a waterfall in Bali.

Are flights to Bali expensive?

Flights to Bali are very dependent on where you are flying from and which airline you choose to travel with. Prices also vary greatly depending on the time of year that your trip is taking place. The cheapest month to fly to Bali is February, as it is peak rainy season and tourism is low. Though we recommend visiting Bali all year round- there’s no bad time to visit Bali.

Typically, American travellers can expect to pay around $1,500 for their flights to and from Bali, with a layover halfway through the journey. Make sure to use any air miles you might have clocked up on an account to help with the cost of the journey.

European travellers can expect costs of around $1,100 for return flights to Bali when booked in advance. Often it is cheaper to book flights separately, with one-way tickets often dipping to as low as $300 in off-peak season.

Travelling to another country with a larger airport is also a way around huge costs… Amsterdam Schiphol or London Heathrow, for example, are just two airports that often have cheaper and more direct flights to Bali.

Travelling from Australia costs around $400 for a one-way flight. The cheapest flights from the country of course, are from Perth in the north, whereas flying from Melbourne or Sydney will have one-way prices closer to $600. In total, travellers can expect to pay around $1,100 on flights to and from Australia.

If you’re coming from a country we haven’t explicitly mentioned, we suggest using Skyscanner to find the best flight deals to get to Bali.

A picture of a Turkish Airlines plane. Flights to Bali can be cheap or expensive depending on where you come from.

Is Bali Expensive: FAQ

Below are some FAQs relating to “Is Bali expensive?” along with their respective answers.

How much does it cost to go to Bali for a week?

The cost of a week in Bali varies widely. On a budget, travellers can spend as little as $500, while luxury travellers may spend several thousand dollars.

How much money do I need per day in Bali?

Your daily budget will very much depend on what you intend to do every day. With pre-booked accommodation and transport, a good daily budget would be around $50 to cover food, vehicle rental and activity costs.

How much is a meal in Bali?

Meals in Bali can cost as little as $2 for local street food, but a sit-down meal will be closer to $20-$30.

Is it really cheap in Bali?

Bali is one of the cheapest regions to visit in South-East Asia. The island is only as expensive as you make it. Your trip can be very affordable or very expensive, depending on what choices you make.

Final Thoughts: Is Bali Expensive?

And there you have it! A complete guide to “Is Bali expensive?

Bali is an affordable island to travel to and can certainly be done on a budget. But there are so many options for luxurious retreats in Bali too. What makes Bali special is how you can visit on any budget and have a great time.

Your biggest expense in visiting Bali will likely be your flights and accommodation. Aside from these, the typical daily budget is between $20-200+.

Bali guarantees a great trip, but if you want to super duper guarantee it, join us on one of our group tours. We’d love to see you there!

Whether you’re looking to travel solo or bring a friend along for the ride, our group tours in South East Asia & Australia are the perfect balance of culture, adventure, chill time & nightlife. You’ll arrive as strangers and leave as the best of friends.

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Written by Josh Band

Josh is one of our travel writers here at Feel Free Travel. You'll find him anywhere in the world typing away at what he sees in front of him. When he's not submerged in his laptop, he'll be in a local gym he's found while travelling or hiking up to the nearest viewpoint, especially if there’s a sunset pending.

Posted, 22nd September 2023


Written by Josh Band

Josh is one of our travel writers here at Feel Free Travel. You'll find him anywhere in the world typing away at what he sees in front of him. When he's not submerged in his laptop, he'll be in a local gym he's found while travelling or hiking up to the nearest viewpoint, especially if there’s a sunset pending.

Posted, 22nd September 2023

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